What size is the unit?

·      3,500 sq. ft.  According to the building’s published information, B and C units are each 1750 sq ft, in addition we have two heated, enclosed, 66 sq ft balconies.

·      3-5 bedrooms:  Three basic bedrooms + 2 bedrooms (currently opened into one) in the B unit.  We are using this fourth bedroom as a formal dining room for catered parties, but it’s also been a super-sized office, a media room, and a super-large bedroom.

·      4 full bathrooms:  A mix of walk-in showers, tub and Jacuzzi showers.


 What direction does it face?

·      The living room and kitchen face the skyline and lake, and are wonderfully spacious.  

·      All of the bedrooms face the lake and offer total privacy, with curtains optional.

Are pets allowed?

·      Yes!  The building has no size and quantity limits on pets, and there are dog parks in the area for running them around. 

·      It's a pet-friendly building, although reasonably so.  Pets are expected to ride up and down via the service elevator, and generally stay out of the common areas.  

·      Many of the people in the building hold positions at local area rescue missions, and can give advice on dog walkers, cat sitters, and general pet training.

But I have to sell my home first!

·      Would you love to live here?  If so, we’ll be happy to work with you.  I’m sure you realize that it’s easier to sell your home if you are not living there.

Hate the idea of diving into Sheridan Rd traffic?

·      Because there's a light at Sheridan and Glenlake, East Pointers do not dive into Sheridan Road traffic at their peril.  They wait at the light and slide in gracefully.


 Tell me about the bedrooms.

·      This condo can be configured for 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms. 

·      Master Bedroom: the 34' x 24' size does not include two large walk-in closets, a mini-bar, and two separate "his and hers" bathrooms.  It does include the screened and glassed-in balcony.  The balcony faces east and northeast. 

·     The second bedroom has a Murphy bed.  Great for guests, caregivers, live-in nannies.  It has a walk-in closet that we called “The Tool Room” and later, “The Craft Room” because it is outfitted with deep box cubbies and has space for a work table/bench.

·     The third bedroom has a large, indented space for a wall of closets.  Since we used this room as an office with a row of deep file cabinets, we did not have closet doors installed.

·      The fourth, southern most bedroom is an extra large space combined from the two, former, B-Unit bedrooms.  If you need five bedrooms, it would be easy to put up a partition wall in this bedroom. We have used this space in many ways – a large bedroom, an office, a media room, and now a large formal dining room.   This room is so large, it accommodates a huge sectional along the back wall, plus a pool table, with a big blank wall for a super-sized flat screen TV that can be enjoyed by all.  Wired for cable.

 Speaking of cable?

·      Yes, every room is wired for cable.  Basic cable channels are provided free.

Tell me about the bathrooms.

·      The bathrooms are updated and fresh.  Come see for yourself!  We were not able to take good photos of them, so that is why they are not on the website.

·      The master bedroom suite has two bathrooms, connected by a double-sized walk-in shower fitted with grab bars.  One side has a built-in vanity and the other has an additional tub/shower combination.

·      One of the bathrooms has a super-sized Kohler Jacuzzi tub with a shower.  It's awesome!

·      The guest bathroom off the living room has a step in shower we’ve used for pool guests.  It's also nice to use after a day at the beach -- no clinging sand will travel through your home.


Tell me about the kitchen.

·      The kitchen is an L-shaped galley that is convenient for cooking.  There's a breakfast bar and also an eat-in area.  We have a table that seats four.  The eat-in area overlooks the lake and skyline.

·      Appliances are brand new and have not been used, other than the fridge for bottles of water.  We purchased Bosch, Viking, and Samsung.  There are two dishwashers.  The second dishwasher can be hooked up if needed.

Is there an in-unit laundry?

·      Yes.  There is an in-unit laundry room with two LG stainless steel washer/dryers.

·      The basement also has a large laundry room in the condo basement with commercial-sized washers and dryers.  Residents are given a key card for the machines.


Tell me about the parking situation.

·      East Point 41B&C comes with the right to lease two parking spots for $100/month each.  That includes free valet parking and a free weekly carwash. 

·      What is “free” valet, you ask?  We collect a monetary gift from residents at the end of the year to take care of daily tipping throughout the year, which we consider a nuisance.  And your guests will never be billed for parking. 

·       If you are on a regular schedule, the garage will have your car ready for you at a designated time so that you can jump in and go.  Otherwise, just call down to the garage as you leave your unit and your car will likely be waiting for you by the time you reach the garage.

·      There’s no limit to the number of guest parking spots you may use.  If you’re having a large party, the manager can have extra staff on duty to accommodate your guests at no extra charge.


What is a "Sky Floor"?

·       If you press the elevator button marked "Sky Floor," you'll find the fitness center, the men and women's saunas, the party room, the lending library, and stairs to the rooftop swimming pool and sky deck.  You'll also see a porthole into the deep end of the swimming pool.

How are the neighbors?

·       The neighbors at East Point are a vibrant community of all ages, linked by their love of the building and its location.  You'll find business people, academics, entrepreneurs, teachers, administrators and directors of non-profit organizations.  A wonderful, eclectic, variety of people.  You will find friends to join you in your life's adventures, or, if you prefer total privacy, you will be left alone.  It's your choice. 

 ·      If I had to describe the residents as a whole, I’d say that people at East Point are generally not

flashy or ostentatious.  People at East Point appreciate value, and many have moved here after getting tired of the Gold Coast.  Generally, these are “well-healed” people who consider East Point a very special place to live.  Many have second homes in warm climates.

How is the neighborhood?

·       My parents wanted to move to Edgewater because of the neighborhood, and then found East Point.  My mother had stopped driving, so she wanted an easy walk to shopping, cultural events, classes, library, restaurants.  She also liked being able to stand on the corner and get on the 147 Express bus to Michigan Avenue, or walk a couple of blocks to the red-line train at Granville. My father wanted to be close to Lake Shore Drive to quickly reach his office downtown.

·      The March 2014 issue of Chicago magazine raved about Edgewater:  Talk to residents and you’ll hear them describe a near-magical place: broad Lake Michigan beaches, lovely tree-lined streets, cool shops that are easy to walk to, and watering holes where everyone knows your name. The list of pros goes on and on.”  Yup.  That’s why we live here.

·      The Edgeville Buzz quoted neighbor Luke Bigelow, who said it best: “There is a sense of residential community on one hand, and access to everything else on the other hand: Broadway business district, beach, train, LSD, Andersonville, etc. And above all it feels safe.”

·      Edgewater is exploding with development -- new restaurants, a new library, new Walgreens, new Whole Foods, new performance theaters, etc.   We have boutiques along with big stores, restaurants of every ethnicity including American (many of which have parking), theater galore.  Take adult classes at one of the many boutique and park district locations.  So much fun packed into an area along with the greatest national park in the state, Lake Michigan.

What is the building management situation?

·       Sudler is an award-winning building management company hired to staff East Point.  There is a smart, efficient building manager who can answer many of your questions, 773-973-7033.  I would be happy to email you a copy of building rules and regulations, declaration, etc., just ask.

·      The condo board is comprised of long-term and new unit owners.  

 Are there any special assessments planned?

·       No, I am not aware of any upcoming special assessments.   The last special assessment was many  years ago.  We have an excellent board which budgets well for planned and unplanned expenditures.  For example:

·       The elevator motor/cab replacement and renovation was completed within the past couple of years, a huge expense that did not require any increase in assessments.  It was done as a multi-year project in order to stay within the normal assessments.  We are now pleased to have four, brand-new, high speed elevators – a huge benefit over vintage buildings.

Hallway remodeling is in progress on some floors, and the lobby and garage have seen some new updates.  No raise in our assessments.  A million dollar+ tuckpointing project has been on-going for the last few years.   None of these projects resulted in increased special assessments or increased monthly assessments.

·       Currently, residents pay a basic assessment plus a "reserve" assessment.  For 41B-C, we pay approximately $1,900 per month total – this includes both units’ basic and reserve assessments combined.


Did you remodel your double unit?

·      We have a well-maintained unit that we continuously update.  My parents spent a significant amount of money to bring it to the caliber it is now, restoring it to its former grandeur.  Since we have lived in the unit, we have replaced the floors, updated the kitchen, minibar, bathrooms and closets, enclosed the balconies, and refurbished built-ins made from cherry and oak.  We also heated the balconies, added a laundry room and re-tiled some of the floors.  We replaced some of the lighting and plumbing fixtures, and purchased brand new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen and a washer/dryer for the laundry room.


 How are the bills?

·      East Point Condo, like most high rise buildings, is heated by electricity.  Unlike many, however, the bills are very low.  The reason is simple:  During the winter months, the sun hangs low on the horizon and heats the condo for free.  During the summer months, we open the windows and let in the fresh breezes that waft throughout.  For these reasons, there’s very little need to run supplemental heating/air conditioning; however, we have “zoned” heating and air for those days or nights when we need it.  

·      Basic cable is included.  There’s an extra fee for (very) high-speed Internet (up to 110 Mbps).


What schools are in the area?

·       East Point Condo affords easy access to the best private and public schools in the city.  Please see the school tab section of the website for more details!


Do you work with realtors?

·      Yes!  Certainly. We are properly listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and have agreed to pay a commission if our buyer is represented by an agent. 

·       However – if you meet us without your agent, please tell us that you are represented by an agent during our first meeting.   

 What will we miss the most?

·      The ever-changing, awe-inspiring sunrise and lake views …  popping downstairs to visit East Point friends … the pool … the heated garage in the winter … and the friendly faces of other unit owners and staff.  If you’re social, it can be a very social atmosphere.  Last, I miss the fresh lake air and the gentle sounds of waves lapping the shore.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz